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Multi-Needles Machine Series

HL1404PMD 4-Needle Double Chainstitch Metering Device

Maximum Speed:4500RPM


HL-1404PMD 4-Needle Flat-Bed Double Chainstitch Machine Meter Device

型号: MR:打缆装置   WB: 上腰装置   PSF: 门襟装置   PSM:装饰装置   PSSM: 打缆和装饰装置   PL: 滚条装置  

ET: 下线为松紧线专用           附加装置:MD-1: 前松紧带送布调整装置

This model series are multi-purpose machine for attaching elastic, attaching waistband, sewing the shirts front,
attaching line tapes, smocking and shirring, etc

It is ideal for underwear, sports wear, lady's clothes, interior decorated goods ( curtains, table clothes, etc)


MR: Machine with Ruffling Device
WB: Machine for attaching waistband
PSF: Machine for shirt fronting
PSM: Machine for smocking
PSSM: Machine for simultaneous shirring + smocking
ET: Looper thread elastic model
PSET: Machine with shirring ( Needle: polyster thread; Looper: elastic thread )
PQ: Machine with shirring ( Needle: polyster thread; Looper: polyster thread;

      Elastic thread: threading on surface of needle plate )
PL: Machine for attaching line tapes

Option: MD-1: Metering Device


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