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HL-988 Servo Motor Cutting with Oil Spilt Lubrication

Maximum Speed:4000RPM



HL-988 Computer Servo Cutting Machine with Special Oil Spilt Lubrication System


1. With auto-alarm and protection system for the less or over voltage
2. Features of concentrated lubrication, neat cutting, section and small curvature radius curvilinear cutting
3. Low noise, stable running, easy operation, high efficiency, auto-sharpening
4. It is an ideal cutting tool for garment industry


Model No.:              HL-988
Rating Power:          1000/1600W  
Rating Voltage:         110/220V  
Rating Frequency:     50/60HZ 
Cutting high:            110/160/210/260MM
Rotate speed:           1000/4000RPM
Net weight:               17.5KG
Packing Size:              730X400X300MM


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