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HL-28BL15H Long-arm Post Bed Thick-thread Walk Foot

Maximum Speed:1200RPM


HL-8BL15H     Single Needle Thick-thread Long-arm Post-bed Compound Feed    381 x 335mm
HL-28BL15H   Double Needle Thick-thread Long-arm Post-bed Compound Feed   381 x 335mm


1. Special for large super heavy material & single needle left-side stitch bed (L) & right-side stitch bed (R)

2. Long-arm post-bed with powerful comprehensive feeding assure strong & robust feed & easy sewing

3. Tripple size hook & bobbin greatly increase the working efficiency

4. Extra thick thread (V415, # 7 line, 1300d x 3 or 1.4mm hollow thread / ornamental thread)

5. Presser foot lift height reach 23mm with differential presser foot alternation 8mm, able to
    ensure the smooth feed stitching when the material thickness changed

6. With12MM stitch length can meet the requirement of different thick thread stitching

7. Super needle penetrating power & special retrofitted presser foot and precise stitch adjusting device can
    ensure perfect stitch in cross seam sewing

8. Large working space material move flexible & easy for corner stitch, pneumatic foot lifting equipped

9. Widely used for high grade leather / cloth sofa furniture, leather seats, soft furniture, tent, sail, luxury
    yacht decoration, parachute, car cover / shield, camouflage nets, auto pillow cover,  car interiors, saddles
    and harness, leather shoes / belts, casual shoes, handbags, bags, golf bags  and other large heavy items






Maximum Sewing speed


Stitch length


Needle bar stroke


Presser foot lifting height

Pneumatic 23mm


DY×3   27#

Needle gauge



Factory standard 12.7mm

Shuttle hook

Large vertical hook

Height of the sewing bed


Lubrication system

Manual lubrication


220V 550W servo motor

Working space




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