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Bag Making/Closer machine series

HL-20-1 Auto Lubrication Bag Closer Chain Stitch Machine

Maximum Speed:2000RPM

HL-20-1 Auto Lubrication Bag Closer Single Thread Chain Stitch
HL-20-1 Auto Lubrication Bag Closer Double Thread Chain Stitch


1. Thick seam reinforcement materials to provide the best sewing results
2. Auto lubrication would enlarge the machine working life & keep materials clean
3. Sewing speed reach 2000RPM, greatly increase the efficiency & low noise low vibration
4. Easy to operation & none-skilled worker able to operate smoothly
5. Widely used for sewing container bags, enterprises of grain, feed, chemical, sugar
    manufacturing, cement, construction safety netting, vegetable container bag & port dock
6. Highly reconmmand assemble on automatic bag making machine




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