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Heavy Zigzag & Pattern Machine

HL266-102B Extreme Heavy Duty Pattern Sewing Machine

Maximum Speed:700RPM


HL266-102B Single / Double Needle Pattern Sewing for Extra Heavy Duty with  Heavy Thread


1. This model is specailly for decorative seam with super heavy thread
2. With 15 kinds of decorative pattern including T-type, X-type & rectangle-type via needle bar rotation
3. Adopt DURKOPP ADLER 204 oversized shuttle hook to highly increase the working efficiency
4. Extreme Heavy thread (1500dx3, V415, V462, T-500 or 1.4mm hollow thread, flat & decorative thread
5. Ultra-strong penetrating power of vertical needle, special presser foot & precise stitch adjustment device
    guarantee unified and ideal stitch when sewing cross seam
6. When sewing open lines of sofa or vehicle seat cover with extra thick line, the machine has more obvious
    advantage decorative seam of inserted line at the same time
8. Widely used for high-grade sofa & vehicle seat cover manufacturers of various abutted seams, decorative seams
    with heavy thread for leather sofa, fabric sofa, leather seat cover of vehicle, fabric seat cover of vehicle, upholstered
    furniture, tent, footwear upper, leather shoes, casual shoes, luggage, bag, jeans, jeans wear, harness and furniture
    manufacturing industries


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