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 Something about Sewing Machine Spare Parts
Dates: 3/15/2012 Hit: 

Upgrade pace is accelerating.
As the international transfer of sewing machinery industry and evolving system of industrial sewing machine manufacturing growth, China Sewing Machinery parts industry has formed a complete range of products, the largest sewing machine parts manufacturing and supporting system.

According to incomplete statistics, China sewing machinery industry existing parts production enterprises of all sizes thousands on which more than 5 million yuan and annual output value of a certain size and influence of the more than 200 enterprises.

After the global financial crisis and the debt crisis in Europe two rounds of baptism, although China's current industrial sewing machine parts sales decreased greatly, but the relative first crisis comes anxiety loss, the current development of more rational parts enterprises, significantly improve the ability to resist risks, improve product quality is generally taken seriously, the transformation is accelerating the pace of upgrades.

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