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 Upgrading the Equipment
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After analyzing two rounds of domestic sewing equipment and comparison between imported equipment , we see the direction of domestic sewing machines to enhance and improve the space , and as garment enterprises to use sewing equipment thoroughly investigate a series of reports in the finale , this , we focus on investigation the domestic garment enterprises equipment replacement case , in order to understand the latest needs of garment enterprises to explore the future direction of the sewing machine industry .

Electromechanical integration equipment mainstream

"Labor shortage" grim situation now become a powerful booster garment production equipment upgrades , although mechatronics sewing equipment for clothing producers is not nothing new .

The so-called mechatronics sewing machines, sewing machine simple point that thorn cloth , pick line, hook line , feeding and other execution units still use the original mechanical structure, and control the use of electronic or microcomputer systems. General distinction between programming and control systems with CPU processor called computer control or computer control systems, no programming and CPU processor called the electronic control system , both in the electronic control system technology is relatively simple.

Image say , is the use of electronic or computer-controlled , the variable part of the mechanical work of automatic features , such as automatic needle position , automatic stitching , automatic lock stitch , automatic color line and so on. This will be a lot of labor freed from the production line , such as the departments on a track automatic bag opening machine garment processing factories in the use of the statistics, get the following set to improve efficiency and save manpower contrast : in doing on the inside jacket pocket processes such as in accordance with the original traditional process requires eight people now use the automatic bag opening machine requires only one worker to save seven workers.

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