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After sewing equipment manufacturers of hard business in 2007 , the 2007 is a slight improvement in the dawn of spring , but also predicted an uphill battle in 2008 . Too many vendors , market appetite was limited , we are waiting for the shuffle , see if you can join in the fun out of some companies with market forces , leaving strong competitors .

I know I have a sewing machine line profits pretty good 20 years ago , European and American companies with proprietary technology day enjoy the fruits of 10 years ago, Taiwan's manufacturers have joined snatch, many SMEs are due to Chinese mainland nourish and grow the market , this market there are too many nutrients, so we have joined the ranks of manufacture. Since sewing equipment manufacturing technology content is not too difficult , we rush into this industry . A new sewing machine companies want to enter both markets, cheap price is very good stepping stone. Taiwanese companies with cheaper than Japan, Europe and the United States cost factors , grabbed a lot of market , while domestic companies are the same in a more affordable cost , to snatch the market worldwide.

I row row your parts supplier in Jiangsu and Zhejiang piece supporting the assembly than you , with a very large number of ways produced, the price of these parts is less than the price of the same industry in Taiwan 1 / 3 , the mass production of this specialization Wenzhou model has also been injected into the seam with the parts industry . As the price of components is very low, so the price of the machine is pulled rapidly and the high price of the product rapidly and is open to rejection . If a business can not supply adequate cheap products customers , and reimbursing emphasize its quality , durable, hang the price very high, the market will eventually lose .

Customers always the first choice when asked about the price , under the price factor , the eyes tend to lower prices on similar products placed . Several European and American brands forced plant closings or be acquired , can be said to be complete because the price is too expensive , poor rather than product quality. Now a lot of old sewing equipment company are due to China's rise and give way.

I am more than thee Czech companies and foreign joint venture in Shanghai recently stopped sewing machine companies break the one hand, the value of foreign high-end models failed to transfer to the joint venture 's technology industry , the other is in the Czech Republic for foreign technology transfer has been non- interest that foreign capital has nothing to learn . At the current strength is "I'm more lines than you ."

I am more lines than you , but you can not harm the quality of the domestic sewing companies under low effect , constantly carry them . All aircraft types to be scanned will be bought to be generic , with a very low price supply customers. As long as the first opportunity to be able to account for the supply of inexpensive products , we can stand our ground to survive. ( Imitation here did not involve patent because the patent sewing machines , most of them have more than the statutory period of protection ) . Price competition is the fastest means to seize the market , as long as someone is willing to reduce the price , send out a quote , you can have an echo . But they want to grab profits after the market low , then we must seek cheaper components. Some companies buy a commercially available product components, and even regardless of the quality of the pros and cons of buying a cheap component assembly machine . Because the whole quote cheap, soon to attract customers to buy. But after the customers, it was found fooled to buy lemons , the brand's reputation immediately affected, making the subsequent fatigue , there is no way to continue to expand the business. Sales fell again , unable to maintain operations and plant closing expenses troops . We are talking about a market reshuffle , is simply more wait time for the call out of the market prices of these ultra- cheap inferior products manufacturer , so leave the industry sector enterprises through product quality , fair and reasonable competition .

My recent trip you can not be disclosed in the stock websites listed companies Routon Electronic to 25 million yuan to buy a 35% stake Baomaikesi technology , and become Baomaikesi 100% of the sovereignty of the Company. This message is generally no attention sewing machine factory , important information is that this is 25 million yuan to buy back the technology sector , which is a full-fledged knowledge-based industries , rather than buy or sell any of the goods can be touched . Which buyers and sellers are very laudable . The seller , the wisdom of Dr. Brain by five less than four years alone 25 million yuan into the bag , the business of intelligence affirmed. When the seller is a company established in 2002 to techniques in technology equity shareholders of 35% , which is the prime mover technology background Routon companies have unique vision of courage. Servo motor is a technology product , although sewing equipment industry is in a supporting role , but due to the development of automatic sewing equipment , it now seems more important. The manufacturer of the servo motor , the general assembly to mimic low-level non- technical to be completed , it is not very expensive equipment needed , but require advanced intelligence personnel to do it . Routon Electronic Baomaikesi company was founded in late 2002 , invested 50 million in cash for 65% of the shares , the other five talents for 35% of the shares with the technical brainpower. From 2003 to 2006 , the new company immediately, there were significant profits , and the market outlook is more optimistic , Routon Electronic So in late 2006 bought the shares with 35% of the technical price of 25 million yuan .

Examples of this can be seen by the actual meaning of points : First: computer-controlled technology has been the advent of high-end sewing machines , which have a top tech talent to complete. China 's talent has this capability. Second: Baomaikesi investor is stock listed company Routon companies, those in charge had despite strong opposition from its shareholders meeting of shareholders, resolutely decided to invest 50 million yuan in cash for 65% of the shares, and allow to five overseas Technology human capital accounting for 35 % of the shares with mental wisdom. This vision of itself as a technology only by those in charge of the company have Routon this courage. This is also in line with the high-tech industry's high- risk, high- reward investment style.

Servomotor sewing equipment products, has Germany , Japan, Taiwan counterparts in the production , and each of these peers more than a decade has experienced , can be said to be a mature product and each market . But this Baomaikesi case , but leapfrogged the various predecessors, by virtue of those in charge to put a bold vision technology background , eye to identify five talents of professional competence, we should catch up in just four years among other ancestors . Thus encouraging more domestic sewing equipment has not put the same foreign indifference, so long as the knowledge of wisdom, my line you do not.

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