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 Made in China--Sewing Equipment Development
Dates: 8/15/2006 Hit: 

By the China Sewing Machinery Association, in response to China’s manufacturing enterprises in the first 92 Statistics show that in the traditional sewing machine sales season, the entire April 2006, sales of these enterprises amounted to 2,811,311 household and industrial sewing machines in Taiwan, an increase of only 0.32%. However, the income from product sales of these enterprises reached 525,406.30 million, a year-on-year increase of 37.16%. Among them, a total profit of 42,891.00 million, a year-on-year increase of 25.05%. From this set of figures, we can see that these enterprises are no dramatic increase in production and sales volume of the situation, still maintained a relatively high growth in sales and profits.

Frontline enterprises in industrial production growth has slowed down the situation, is to maintain profit growth? Czech, Chinese president Li believes that China and Czech’s profits were mainly from the deployment of the production line, "Brand voiced molded into the middle - to-high-end brand image, and gradually from too much competition and low profits or no profits, low threshold, manufacturers can produce any type of products from China, converted to the production of high-profit products." Li million and still holds the same view Marketing Director Jack Wang Chunyuan, "according to the present market situation, we are planning to give up a little profit low-end products, which in turn produced a strong demand for high-end products." This shows that middle and high-end sewing machine has become the first major source of the profits. China to the Czech Republic, and Jack, represented by stitching once again confirmed the successful restructuring of the domestic sewing equipment manufacturers must look far from the worst fighting to find low prices upward breakthrough opportunity.

IMB Germany, the exhibition is an internationally recognized representative of the highest technical equipment in the international garment sewing equipment exhibition, the exhibition will display each garment industry represents the highest technology equipment, in view of IBM equipment on the true colors of the top domestic producers and manufacturers international exchanges, the best time to learn. However, due to financial, human and other reasons, to participate in exhibitions in Germany, the limited number of domestic producers, manufacturers were more limited circle in the bottom of the sewing machine, access to the latest information and technology.

Organizers from the IMB Cologne Exhibition Company and the Beijing exhibition at the Swiss companies in 2006, 19 to 21 October in Shanghai was jointly organized by the China International Sewing fabric processing equipment and technology exhibition is the basis of the International Sewing development, the company will bring the majority of IMB Cologne’s exhibitors. Location is the only international of 2006 domestic sewing fabric processing equipment and technology exhibition, many of the middle - to-high-end equipment in China will be the first appearance in this exhibition. At home can visit and learn from the middle - to-high-end technical equipment, purchase products, even in the same platform with which to display the domestic sewing equipment manufacturers and users, the China International Sewing fabric processing equipment and technology exhibition in 2006 is that you can not make the absence of the highlights of the exhibition equipment.


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